Hello, Wild One

Looking for a lover who won't screw you over? Tired of hiding who you are because you're scared of what 'they' will say? Here's a little secret: it's all you, baby. YOU'RE the one. And when you learn to know, love & trust yourself? It doesn't matter what 'they' say - it only matters that you're true to yourself.

Try this Hypnogasmic Meditation sample to get you chilled out and feeling yourself - hands free ;)

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What Can I Do For You?

Transformational Life Coaching

I help misfits, deviants, and rebels to unleash their sexual power, take control of their sexuality and design relationships on their own terms. I basically work with you to get you flying your freak flag with pride, in a way that works for you and your lifestyle - whatever that may be.

The coaching we do is much more than just a nice chat. When you and I work together, we bring your body's multiple intelligences online, in line and shooting for the same target. Multiple intelligences? Yep. You have wisdom and intelligence in your head, heart, gut, pelvis, and entire nervous system. Just imagine what truly connecting with your heart could do for your relationships..? Imagine if you finally gave yourself permission to deeply trust your gut, that intuitive presence designed to keep you safe...how might that change the way you build and enforce your boundaries?

So if you are...

  • Haunted by wounds from past relationships that keep flaring up and fucking things up in a non-fun way...
  • Surrounded by people who don't 'get' your lifestyle and you need strategies to deal with them without losing your shit...
  • Sucking at communicating with your current partner/s and want help defining what you really want and how to ask for it...
  • Feeling stuck and you just can't seem to break out of the rut you're in...
  • Curious to know more about what I do and ready to be propelled towards your best life...

Get in touch TODAY so I can design a personalised coaching program that'll get you out of the blah blah rinse and repeat and re-light your fire so you enjoy the shit out of your life FOR GOOD.

Custom Hypnosis Packages

Listen…nobody ever ‘watches the watch’ in hypnosis. Those jerks in Hollywood have never done any favours for us legit hypnotists. Nobody ever clucks like a chicken or barks like a dog or robs banks against their will.

Hypnosis is a process for inducing certain states where the conscious mind gets right out of the way and we can speak directly to the subconscious. And when we do that? We can promote positive change in any area of your life, easily and elegantly, while you kick back and relax.

I design custom hypnosis packages that can help you achieve your goals - whether you want to break free from bad habits, promote a calm, stress free attitude, improve your performance - or even just relax and get in touch with your spiritual side.

Hypnosis is a fun and safe way of working with the hidden powers of your own mind to help you get what you want faster and easier than ever before.

Bring Your Badassery Back

I may not know you yet, but I know you weren't born unsure of yourself. You didn't come here to shrink and hide, to be a half-assed version of yourself, or to be someone else's ideal version of yourself. Somewhere along the line, you learned that shit.

Let me help you unlearn it.

True badassery is more than confidence...it's bigger than emotional intelligence...it's greater than self-awareness...

It's knowing how to use your body, your mind AND your mind-body connection. It's the sweet spot where your thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned.

It's coming home to that place where you know yourself completely. Even if you've never been there before.

When you get there, you know deep down who you are and what you stand for so strongly that you stop giving a shit about other people's judgment.

And the best part? You stop judging yourself and start loving yourself the way you've always wanted to be loved.

Are you ready to say FUCK YES to yourself?

Send me a message and let's talk about bringing back your badassery FOR GOOD.

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